• North Bellevue Community Center Blood Pressure Assistant

    • Last Date to Apply: Open
    • Days: Weekdays
    • Hours: Varies
    • Number of Positions: Open
    • Department: Parks & Community Services
    • Season: Year-round
    • Job Site: North Bellevue Community Center
    • Length of Commitment: Minimum six months
    • Training Required/Provided: Training and orientation
    • Position Reports to: Dan Lassiter
    • Age: 21+
    • Work environment: Community Center
    • State Patrol Check Required: Yes

    Primary Responsibilities:

    • Welcome seniors warmly and put them at ease
    • Obtain a short health history including current medications
    • Take and record blood pressure
    • Encourage seniors with very elevated blood pressure to contact a physician immediately
    • Talk with each senior about medications and overall health
    • Encourage seniors to visit family physician regularly for full medical care
    • Advise Community Center staff of disability or health problems
    • Volunteer does NOT diagnose.

    Desired Qualifications:

    • Ability to give a certain amount of time on a regular basis to insure reliable coverage for service
    • Background in nursing
    • Friendly, compassionate
    • Good listening and communication skills
    • Training in peer counseling helpful

    Benefits Provided:

    • Possible school credit for community service
    • Receive an education about the Bellevue community
    • Gain a sense of responsibility

    To apply, please submit the following:

    Return application materials to:

    City of Bellevue Parks & Community Services Department
    Attn: Dan Lassiter
    P.O. Box 90012
    Bellevue, WA 98009-9012

    For questions, contact:

    Dan Lassiter, 425-452-7681 or email dlassiter@bellevuewa.gov
    Darrion Spratley, 425-452-7681 or email dspratley@bellevuewa.gov

    Selection Procedures:

    1. Application paperwork is reviewed and forwarded to appropriate staff based on a match of the position and related qualifications
    2. Candidates not selected will be notified.
    3. Qualified applicants will interview with Dan Lassiter.
    4. Reference checks and Washington State Patrol Background Check will be conducted.
    5. Applicants selected for volunteer position will be notified and will attend an orientation.
    6. Selected applicants will receive on-site training and are required to keep a daily record of volunteer hours.
    It is the policy of the City of Bellevue Parks & Community Services Department to provide volunteer opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual preference, and/or disability.