• Sidewalk and Trail Enhancement

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    Sidewalk and trail maintenance enhancement includes repairs and improvements to existing transportation facilities with outstanding maintenance needs, such as sidewalks, trails, slopes, walls, poles, lighting, wiring, and street cleaning/sweeping. Project descriptions, project costs and levy funding are subject to change. The following projects, along with all Levy-funded projects, can be found on an interactive map.

    • 112th Avenue NE Corridor Improvements: Design and construct a traffic signal at the NE 24th Street and 112th Avenue NE intersection and replace root-damaged sidewalk panels to meet accessibility requirements and update curb ramps to current standards. Install a third flashing beacon at the mid-block pedestrian crossing on 112th Avenue NE and upgrade conduit infrastructure for street lighting system. Construction substantially completed in late 2021; additional work on traffic signal expected spring 2022. (Also listed under Neighborhood Safety and Neighborhood Congestion Reduction).
    • 156th Avenue NE Corridor Sidewalk Maintenance (Crossroads area): Replaced and repaired hundreds of sidewalk sections (1.75 miles total) to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Completed May 2018.
    • NE 24th Street at 172nd Avenue NE Slope Stabilization: Stabilize slope with new wall to protect roadway and pathway on NE 24th Street west of 172nd Avenue NE. Substantial completion in December 2021. 
    • SE 35th Place Interim Walkway: Constructed an interim asphalt walkway on the north side of SE 35th Place. Completed October 2019.
    • SE 46th Way Curb Ramp Replacement: Replace the existing sidewalk corners along SE 46th Way between 150th Pl SE and 164th Ave SE with new ramps at each intersection that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The project will install a total of 44 new sidewalk ramps. Construction anticipated to begin in spring 2022.
    • Ongoing Citywide Boardwalk Maintenance: Repair and replace broken or missing boards in various locations throughout the city.
    • No projects in planning/design phase.