• Protecting Our Waterways

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    Great blue heron eating a fish

    Customer Tip:

    Keep Suds Out of Streams

    Washing your car at home is a dirty business.
    Did you know that all storm drains in Bellevue lead directly to a stream, lake or wetland?

    When you wash your car in the street or a parking lot, toxic motor oil, brake pad dust, tire wear and other chemical residues – along with soap – go down storm drains, untreated, into the waterways we swim, fish and play in.

    Dirty wash water contains oil, solvents, anti-freeze and toxic heavy metals such as zinc, lead and copper. Soap is a significant problem and is harmful to fish and the insects they eat. Even biodegradable soap can kill fish before it degrades.

    Instead, take your car to a commercial car wash that reclaims the wash water several times before sending it to the sewer system for treatment.