• Noise Permit

    A noise permit is required for the operation of sound amplification equipment or construction noise outside allowable hours (Bellevue City Code - Noise Disturbances). (LY)

    If you are planning an event where more than 500 people are expected and impacts on city parks or rights of way are likely, you may need a special event permit. Please visit the Special Events Committee page to learn more. 

    Apply for a noise permit online at MyBuildingPermit. When entering your application information, choose the following:

    1. Application type: Land Use
    2. Project type: Nonresidential, Multifamily Residential or Single Family Residential
    3. Activity type: Deviations, Modifications, Variances or Waivers
    4. Scope of work: Noise

    Required Documents

    For assistance with electronic plan submittals, refer to Requirements for Electronic Plans

    Fees and Timelines