• PDF Maps

    Downloading and Viewing

    Below you will find pre-made maps that are available for free download as well as links to additional resources. Pre-made maps are in portable document format (PDF) and can be viewed using a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.


    For information on a specific property's boundaries, please reference self-mapping applications such as King County's iMap and property search tool. Easement and other property inquiries can be directed to the Land Use Department.

    Plat maps are available at the Service First Desk at City Hall. Assessor maps are available from the King County Assessor's Office.


    image of PDF maps

    Base Map (Small)

    Public facilities, police and fire stations, transportation facilities, parks, schools, and streams (8" X 11")

    image of Base Map Large

    Base Map (Large)

    Parcels, streets, public facilities and topography (32" X 48")

    image of streets and rights of way

    Bellevue Streets and ROW

    Right-of-way, with all streets labeled
    (36" X 48")

    image of Orthophoto index

    Orthophoto Index

    Reference grid used to select a specific orthophoto tile through the GIS Data Portal (11" X 17")

    image of Property lines

    Property Lines

    Parcels Boundaries with streets labeled (36" X 48")

    image of school district boundaries

    School District Boundaries

    Boundaries of the Bellevue, Issaquah, and Lake Washington school districts (11" X 17")

    Parks & Recreation

    image of Nature trailguide

    Trail Guide

    Individual maps and detailed information of the 96 miles of trails maintained by the City of Bellevue

    image of park guide

    Park Guide

    City of Bellevue Parks, open spaces, community facilities, and major trail systems (36" X 50")

    Community Development

    image of annexation history

    Annexation History

    All annexations in Bellevue's history, with names of annexed areas (24" X 24")

    image of Comprehensive plan

    Comprehensive Plan

    Citywide Comprehensive Plan classifications and street center lines (11" X 17")

    image of CulturalSpaces

    Cultural Spaces

    Cultural Spaces in Downtown with the Proposed Grand Connection Path (8" X 11")

    image of Downtown zoning

    Downtown Zoning

    Zoning classifications within the downtown area (28" X 40")

    image of Neighborhood areas

    Neighborhood Areas

    Displays neighborhood areas, used for a variety of planning purposes such as outreach (8.5" X 11")

    image of Subareas


    Displays subareas, used for a variety of planning purposes such comprehensive planning (8" X 11")

    image of Zoning


    Citywide zoning classifications and parcels (36" X 50")


    image of arterial classification

    Arterial Classification

    Major arterials and what classification is assigned to each (8" X 11")

    image of Average_weekday_traffic

    Average Weekday Traffic

    Traffic volumes at various locations throughout the city (11" X 17"). To view historic traffic data, click on this map (11" X 17")

    image of Bike_map

    Bike Map

    Bike Map and Downtown Bellevue Pedestrian Guide (24" X 34")

    image of Pavement _overlay_program

    Pavement Management Program

    Current plan for paving operations (11" x 17")

    image of Pavement_overlay_5-year_program

    Pavement Overlay Five-Year Program

    Proposed plan for paving operations (11" x 17")

    image of Snow_response

    Snow Response Priorities

    Priority routes for snowplow service (11" X 17")

    image of Trench_restorations

    Trench Restoration

    Classification for streets and type of pavement restoration required following any street cuts (36" X 48") or (11" x 17")

    image of Downtown_on-street_parking

    Downtown On-Street Parking

    Locations of no-parking zones, 2-hour only parking, and charging stations for electric vehicles (8" X 11")