• Internet Outage

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    Emergency Management training in action

    Sometimes the internet is not available over a widespread area. This can be caused by cyber attacks, a solar flare or a host of other technical difficulties. It can be difficult to know how long internet service will be offline. Check with your internet provider for details about your specific services.

    Plan ahead by having alternate ways to communicate with family if the internet is down.  Power and cell service could still be available, so you might be able to accomplish some tasks with your phone or other device. If you have a telephone connected to a landline, that can work when other systems are down. Consider looking into amateur (ham) radio licensing where trained volunteers act as an important form of auxiliary communications during emergencies.

    While storing important documents online or in the cloud is useful, consider also what would happen if you can’t log in to your accounts online. Keep physical copies of important documents someplace safe and accessible, in a waterproof and portable folder. Keep a printed copy of important phone numbers and addresses, especially so family and loved ones can stay in communication with each other.

    Threats to online security are growing. There are currently an estimated 4.8 billion Internet users — over 62% of the world's population! Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. Keep in mind the slogan If You Connect It, Protect It. Take the necessary steps to secure Internet-connected devices.