• Partnerships

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    In Bellevue, we believe the power of partnerships and shared leadership can solving our most pressing community and economic development challenges.

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    As Bellevue continues to grow, businesses, employees, and residents are increasingly asking for additional programs and amenities befitting a city of Bellevue's growing size and stature. Unfortunately, many of these demands are currently outside the city's expertise or capacity to deliver. Creative partnerships will be necessary to assist with funding, technical support, management expertise––from affordable housing to place management, and from the Grand Connection to workforce development.

    We work in partnership with nonprofits, businesses, developers and other stakeholders to build vibrant business districts where people can live, work, and play by: 

    • Strengthening and activating business districts
    • Catalyzing neighborhood redevelopment
    • Leading the regional economy 
    • Building the capacity of our business and cultural organizations

    We are always interested in developing new programs and initiatives in partnership with Bellevue businesses, nonprofits and residents. Reach out to learn more about how we can work together.


    Anthony Gill
    Economic Development Specialist