• Extreme Heat

    Very high temperatures can make people sick with heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The very young, very old and people with certain medical conditions are most at risk.

    Public Health – Seattle & King County offers tips on how to “Stay Safe in the Heat” in words and pictures in English, español, 中文, Tiếng Việt, 한국어 and Pусский.

    To stay healthy when temperatures are in the 90s or higher, please:

    • Drink plenty of water, even if you’re not thirsty. Avoid drinks with caffeine, alcohol and large amounts of sugar, since they can actually dehydrate you.
    • Limit the time you're in direct sunlight and don’t leave children or pets in a parked car, even with the windows rolled down.
    • Dress in lightweight clothing.
    • If you get hot at home, if possible, spend time in places with air-conditioning (if you’re vaccinated) or a friend’s home. 
    • Take a cool shower or bath, or place cool washcloths on your skin.
    • If you go outside:
      • Avoid or reduce tiring activities.
      • Do activities in the cooler morning and evening hours.
    • Do not leave infants, children, pets or people with limited mobility in a parked car, not even for a minute! Cars can get dangerously hot in seconds!

    Water Options

    During the summer, when extreme heat is most likely to occur in Bellevue, lifeguards are on duty at Bellevue beach parks.   

    Crossroads water spray playground and Downtown Park's Inspiration Playground, with a water feature, offer other options, particularly for children. 

    If you choose to swim in unmonitored river or lake locations, the water may still be quite cold, so use caution and wear a personal flotation device.