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    Shaping Bellevue's Retail Industry and it's Future

    Bellevue's robust Retail landscape includes traditional retail as well as restaurants, personal services, and more. 

    The City of Bellevue is initiating a retail study to take stock of the current landscape and find potential opportunities for the future such as district building. Community input during this process is vital and is encouraged at all steps.

    As outlined in the adopted 2020 Economic Development Plan, the Retail Study aims to:

    • Define the current and future retail needs of Bellevue to ensure a diverse retail mix throughout the city:
      • What gaps does Bellevue currently have in its retail environment?
      • What is the market telling us about the future that we should start to plan for?
    • Analyze the impacts of COVID-19 on the city's retail and small business community. Recommend improvements to make our retail market stronger and more resilient in the long-term. Retailers in particular have been hit hard by COVID-19-related closures and COVID-19-related workforce challenges, so supporting them is key to Bellevue's economic position, including sales tax revenue.

    Benefits for the community include:

    • Placemaking
      • Community building and district identity development to create beloved spaces
    • Services for Residents
      • Ensuring Bellevue residents have access to necessary services
    • Tourism
      • Building upon Bellevue's status as a regional retail center
    • Connecting employees to the community
      • Attracting employers by providing amenities to employees and connecting employees with local businesses

    Some steps coming soon

    • In-person opportunities to engage with the study
      • Bellevue Neighborhoods Conference - Saturday May 14th, 9am-3am
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