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    Internships are “work-related learning for individuals who want hands-on experience” and can be paid or unpaid. It integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting.

    Benefits of internships:
    • Career field exploration – learn more about a particular career pathway and the tasks/activities involved to determine if that is the right career option
    • Networking – Build professional relationships helps to develop a network of connections that can serve as supports by providing information, references, mentors, etc. that will support you throughout your career
    • Skills development – learn soft and hard skills that are vital to being successful in the workforce. Enhance skills that pertain to a particular career field.
    • Give back to the community – Enhance the local workforce by providing opportunities within the local community
    • Larger Talent Pool – Evaluate potential candidates for hire through work-based experience and interactions with coworkers, management, etc.
    • New Perspectives – Bring in new ideas that can break the status quo and open the doors for innovation to enhance productivity and success
    • Increase productivity - Interns can make quality contributions by helping full-time staff avoid becoming overburdened by projects and focus on projects requiring more high levels of expertise.
    April is Internship Awareness Month in Bellevue

    Check out the Bellevue City Council's proclamation


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    Bellevue College

    Bellevue College offers a multitude of resources for employers to find qualified interns, reach out to the community, develop internship programs, and provide guidance and mentorship.

    Bellevue College Resources for Employers

    Recruiting Events – sign up to connect with students and alumni at hiring/networking events

    Find Qualified Interns – Find qualified candidates to fill your internship positions through the Academic Internship Program and Handshake

    Center for Career Connections – Get involved with the center and learn how to offer internships, be a guest speaker in a class or workshop, aid in professional development via mock interviews, serve on an advisory board, or provide curriculum input.

    Do You Have an Internship Program you would like to promote throughout the city?

    Find out more information on developing an internship from Bellevue College! Connect with the internship  coordinator at internships@bellevuecollege.edu

    Do You Have an Internship Program you would like to promote throughout the city?

    Reach out to Pranaya Sathe (Workforce Development Specialist, City of Bellevue) at PSathe@bellevuewa.gov to share!