• Neighborhood Walks

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    Residents and staff chat on a Neighborhood Walk in 2018.

    Responding to resident requests, city leaders visited with residents during four Summer Chats in 2017, and Neighborhood Walks began in 2018 with six neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Walks program has continued every year since, providing residents and city leadership a great opportunity to engage in productive conversations about what matters most in our neighborhoods.

    2021 Neighborhood Walks

    One of the first things that city leadership initiated as pandemic restrictions momentarily eased up, was to reengage with Bellevue residents in their neighborhoods.  Neighborhood Walks were well attended and robust conversations were had in Somerset, West Bellevue, NE Bellevue and a Virtual Neighborhood Walk featuring West Lake Sammamish, Wilburton and Cougar Mountain/Lakemont.   Details can be found in the 2021 Neighborhood Walks report.

    2020 Virtual Neighborhood Walks

    Due to COVID-19, Neighborhood Walks continued this summer as Virtual Neighborhood Walks. During three webinars, City Manager Brad Miyake and directors from each department heard about neighborhood uniqueness, resilience, pride and emerging concerns. Several neighborhood leaders shared issues in their neighborhood, followed by Questions & Answers with the city manager and department directors.

    2019 Report

    The city manager and directors from each department walked with residents in five neighborhood areas during the summer of 2019. The Neighborhood Walks 2019 report records details, including resident comments and questions.

    2018 Report

    In 2018, the Leadership Team, including the city manager and department directors, visited six Bellevue neighborhoods with residents. The Neighborhood Walks 2018 report offers details.