• Housing Needs Assessment

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    Under the provisions of the state Growth Management Act, an inventory of existing and projected housing needs should inform the housing element of a city's comprehensive plan. Consistent with countywide planning policies, ARCH (A Regional Coalition for Housing) produced the East King County Needs Analysis that informs the housing element of Bellevue's comprehensive plan.

    Housing Needs Assessment: In 2016, the City of Bellevue produced a report assessing the housing need across the City. The City plans to update this information with a new assessment in 2021-2022 to reflect the current housing need.

    East King County Report: This report highlights the key demographic and housing information for East King County, with some mention of significant variations or similarities between cities and East King County averages.

    • City Summary Report. This report highlights where Bellevue's conditions vary significantly from the results reported in the East King County report, unique characteristics of the city that impact local housing conditions and local efforts made in the past to address local housing needs.