• Code Amendments

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    This page provides information about proposed and adopted code amendments related to Development Services. Visit our Codes and Guidelines page for complete information on our city code, ordinances and resolutions.

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    Proposed Amendments

    East Main Transit-Oriented Development

    We are working to integrate the East Link light rail station with the surrounding neighborhoods. With help from a resident advisory group, we developed a plan approved by the City Council in August 2016, for the area around Sound Transit's station, which is now under construction at the intersection of Main Street and 112th Avenue. Learn more about the East Main Transit-Oriented District.

    Supportive and Emergency Housing Code Amendment

    Recent changes to state law related to the siting of housing and supportive services for people experiencing homelessness require updates to the Bellevue Land Use Code. Learn more about the Supportive and Emergency Housing Land Use Code Amendment.

    Residential Occupancy

    Recent changes to state law prohibit cities in Washington from limiting the number of unrelated occupants living in dwellings. We are amending Land Use Code to remove occupancy limits for unrelated people in dwelling units in compliance with state law. Learn more about the Residential Occupancy Land Use Code Amendment