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In 2009, in anticipation of East Link light rail, the City Council adopted a new subarea plan and land use code for the BelRed area. The plan anticipated the transformation of the former industrial area into a series of vibrant urban villages with abundant new green space, businesses and homes.

Now, almost a decade later and with construction well underway on East Link and the Spring District, the city is reviewing the plan and land use code to determine if they are meeting their desired outcomes.


This project will review the effectiveness of the existing BelRed Subarea Plan and Land Use Code, and adopt changes as necessary. A scope of work will be recommended to City Council prior to formal launch of the project.

In an effort to better understand the future project's issues, some community outreach was done in 2018. Formal launch of the project has not occurred. Please find a list of major project milestones and decision-points below that have taken place.
Date Meeting, Event, or Action Taken Links
5/22/18 Open House
Topic: BelRed - Major Projects
1/22/18 City Council - Study Session
Topic: Initial Briefing and Q&A

This project is just getting underway. Staff anticipates recommending a formal scope of work to City Council prior to formal launch of the project.

Project Phase Approximate Date
Scoping  To be finalized prior to project launch.
Visioning Not applicable
Feasibility Studies Not applicable
Planning  TBD
Land Use Code  TBD
Implementation  TBD
Monitoring & Control Ongoing after adoption

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